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the house. every one is a white male. every one of them are white males. they couldn't have one woman? >> dana: rnc conference? conference chair. you know who the conference chair is? >> eric: we got to go. welcome to "red eye." eye andy levy. filling in for greg gutfeld who was probably saying to a cop, well, it is legal in new york. the cultural news editor and john cusak fan, mike maynihan. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> a congressional study concludes that american prisons could soon house quan ton mow detainees. guantanamo detainees. the detainees would be murdered by neo nazis. and the myan apocalypse
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prediction could frighten children and suicidal teens. it is a euphemism for bill schulz. and lyndsay lohan was arrested after reportedly punching a woman in the face. thus completing her transformation to this generation's dana plado. >> let's well company our guest. i am here with diane macedo. she anchors "business news with imus in the morning" on the fox business network. and it is sherrod small. say hello to the people. >> what's up, people 1234* happy holidays. christmas. >> bill schulz. he thinks it is 1832 and high is manning a barricade in paris. and next to me charles pain wall street ceo. >> so could our state pens
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take some friends? prisons on u.s. soil could handle detainees from guantanamo bay as long as they made sig can't -- significant operational changes. as the chairwoman diane dianne feinstein notes it demonstrates that if the political will exists we could finally close guantanamo without impairing our national security. but many issues would have to be considered if terrorists were transferred state side. among them, the physical location of the detainees could be a target for individuals and groups intent on harming the detainees or harming the personnel involved in detention operations which could result in unintended harm to the general public. for more let's go live to the national security correspondent jetski dog at guantanamo bay. >> i knew this would happen. it is not supposed to be a vacation. you are going to gitmo to do work and you spend your whole
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time doing this. >> they do work at gitmo. >> work is play and blai is work for jetski dog. ya, baby. >> senator feinstein says we could move the prisoners. it seems to me the report is highlighting how difficult that would be to do. >> absolutely. in fact, if you go through a checklist and you say what would be the ideal place? it would be gown ton mow. guantanamo. i never hear of terrorists complain about it anymore. the place has billion a hilton hotel. they get everything they want. they don't want to leave. maybe that is the punishment they deserve, kick it out. kick them out jie. should we ask for their input. right now they have a warm, tropical climate. they could end up somewhere like montana. >> i say we send them. send some of the deserving criminals down there. i want to see the episode of "lock up" when they introduce the radical muslims into the prison. that will be a good episode. >> i'm sure the neo nazis would be all into it.
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>> neo nazis and the mexicans and the puerto rican gangs, ms13 for example frown on terrorism. >> diane, i know you said in the green room not only should we transfer the detainees to america, but we should then set them free. you said you would take one on your couch. >> every sentence starts with you were saying. >> you are always talking in the green room. >> i am not against bringing them over provided they can do it safely. this report highlighted all of the obstacles. it didn't provide many solutions to those obstacles. i think there is a lot maury search to be done. more research to be done. you have to adjust the laws. >> you also have to adjust the law. i'm sure congress passed a law making it illegal to house them on u.s. soil. >> exactly. >> this is moot. >> for now. >> there is a lot of work that needs to be done. maybe we should have started this earlier. there is a lot of work to be done to make this happen even
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if they figure outlaw gist stickily how to do it. >> it does seem like president obama has given up on his pledge to close gitmo. why has your messiah for -- forsaken you. >> if we close, gitmo is closed, right? joy what is moot? is moot gitmo's -- is that mitt's brother? >> i think the stands for me on the other team. >> oh, now we learned something. the big concern here seems to be these detention centers are near american towns. and that could be a problem because they are targets. right now they are near cuba. cuba is 157 chevy away from the horse-and-buggy. if nothing happened over there, for tau fight american towns will be just fine. move them. >> i don't understand that logic at all. >> the logic is this, if they couldn't get to them while smuggling whatever they wanted
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you could smuggle another cuba into cuba, and that hasn't happened, i am not worried. >> gitmo is not -- we own gitmo. >> but we are still on the isle that is cuba. >> i think there is credit to the argument. it is not an excuse, but there is credit to the argument. joy as we said in the green room. >> senator feinstein said we hold 373 individuals who have been convicted of terrorism at facilities across the country. so what is the difference? >> listen, i actually think they would love to go to these prisons. you talk about recruiting. i have to tell you, they would probably get with the ms13. there is a lot of people in prison -- >> don't say nothing bad about them. they will come after you. >> i think feinstein should start with her house. bring one or two to the crib and let them hang out with you. see how it works out and then maybe the rest of the country can do it of the.
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>> that's diane's solution. >> bring one to your house. >> i don't think i said that. >> you said it in the green room. >> from one life sentence to another. is this the doom of bride and groom and the wedding bells? they will fore go the terms husband and wife in the same sex law marriage in exweek. they will use gender neutral language like spouse a and spouse b and person a and person b. according to a spokesman for the department of health. it is like the department of sick, right, sherrod? >> that's right. >> says tim church, if that is his real name, people are just happy we are aware the form needs updating. one person expressed concerns that she sees forms she does thought see herself in. and she is forced to make a choice that is not a perfect choice for her. gender neutral language makes it as precarious as this cat.
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>> you showed that cat video on purpose. >> rip. >> that cat already used up eight lives. >> it was going see gravity one day. >> diane, please be outraged by this. >> i am not outraged by it, i'm sorry. people talk about traditional marriage that clearly as the laws continue to change, the definition of traditional marriage is changing at least on the civil side. maybe we need to make them separate things. what happens in the church and what happens in the state. >> no, i don't agree. no.
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>> is there a mute button for you? i think it is time we talk about separating them altogether. >> what is there next, species a and species b? >> i welcome it. >> i never saw this on a marriage application because i never filled out a marriage application. >> true. >> so it didn't outrage me. >> and you don't live in washington state. >> i don't live in washington state. will they put blank and blank? till in what you want to fill in. >> it -- wouldn't the gay and lesbian community be upset about this? who is spouse a and spouse b? i don't care about your sexuality. it sounds dumb. >> it sounds like a i heard he is gay. really? is he a or b? >> that's a good point. why don't they have two blank spaces and you put your name in there? >> two blanks. blank it up.
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joy it doesn't have to say -- >> it doesn't have to say anything. if you are outraged it is because the law is changed and that's already done. you are really outraged? >> i heard it suggested that this will rip apart our social fabric. joy it is spouse a and spouse b. >> how do you use your marriage certificate as id? they say get your driver's license and you get a lot of poirnts with a marriage certificate. how do i prove i am spouse a? i can't back it out with my driver's license. >> why? >> my driver's license will have my name on it. >> that's silly. >> speaking of silly, bill, as a sequential hemaphrodite, do you see yourself on these forms? you can be spouse a and spouse b. joy i am in the category of all man. but it is spouse a and spouse b, right? obviously i would be spouse b. and if i will ever make it legal with this one. it would be cool to make you spouse s.
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>> for saving. >> for sherrod. spouse b and spouse s. >> you just want a tax break. >> that's all you mean to him. you are engaged. when are you and spouse b tieing the knot? >> in the summer. >> are you spouse a? >> i think so. >> i think you are spouse a. >> of course not. >> sherrod, do we need new terms for bride and groom? >> i don't think so. when it comes to marriage, mind your business. if they let them if it is spouse a or who is the groom or who is the bride, listen, chances are, i am not going to the wedding anyway. what do i care? do what you do. yankees are playing the red sox i can't make it. i get four saturdays on june i am not wasting it on other people's lives. somebody will be doomed. aed withing is really a funeral for one of those people's lives. you don't live both lives. you live one person's lives.
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it is a wedding for the good life and a funeral for the bad life. >> they have a certificate and it says husband and supervisor. >> that's because you can't think for yourselves. >> like i said, husband and supervisor. >> we need to be managers and we are there for you. >> let's move on. from walking down the aisle to dooms day denial. should we be phased by the end of days? with the maya apocalypse around the corner, december 21st, y'all, they are allaying worries about our impending doom. these so-called scientists say it ain't happen expght death of humanity are having real life consequences. one astro biologist says he receives tons of e-mail from you can young people who are so concerned thisy are having trouble eating and sleeping. adds the egghead, this is a manufactured fantasy. there is a core of people though who are truly concerned. it is evil to propogate rumors on the initter net to
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frighten -- on the internet to frighten children. >> what is the internet for then? >> like the band on the titanic some dooms day believers believer are carrying on. >> we are doomed. >> the elephant got talent. >> sherrod, when december 21st comes and a giant solar flare causes the earth's poe lair tee to shift and the north pole is the south poll, how stupid will they look? >> like idiots and they will be floating into outerspace and we will be teasing them. first of all, who is trusting the myan scientists ? you have to have a lot of free time to worry december 21st is the last day on earth. that tells me you don't live in the hood. you would know the earth ended 12 years ago. >> i think it is people trying to get out of christmas
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shopping. that's all it is. >> it moit be. it might be. maybe they are buying a lot of stuff. >> i would have gotten you that ipad, but i really -- >> charles, let me ask you, the scientists say that instead of being concerned with the maya apocalypse, people should be concerned with threats to the planet like climate change. >> they are basically replacing one myth with another. >> it did a couple things i was serious when i was a kid i wasn't worried about getting beat up. i was worried about my grades. if this is keeping you up, you are a rich ass kid. >> you are doing okay in my book. >> i know they are struggling for ways to keep getting government funding, but this ain't the way to do it. >> are you not going to the
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moon anymore, i get that. but you have to find another way to justify the agency. >> ain't no moon to go to. >> diane, what do you think? i know you do believe that it is the end of the long calendar on december 21st. you said in the green room you are prepared. >> you would not stop talking. >> apparently i said a lot of things in the green room. it doesn't make sense. he is talking about how this even inspires suicide among tine tine -- among teen inning aers. why would you want to kill yourself if the world is going to end? you shouldn't have to worry about that. the world will take care of that for you in this quote. it is evil for people to be spreading these rumors because they are frightening children. how about expecting parents to talk to their kids about not believing every stupid thing you read on the internet. if you hold people accountable for that -- >> those kids probably think their parents are martians. they are like, earth, are you trying to kill me? i'll show you. >> this has gone way beyond like a couple of idiots on the
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internet. this is part -- the fact we are talking about it, it is part of our culture. >> the same thing was supposed to happen in may. a guy spent his life savings putting up billboards saying the world is going to end. and then oops. here it is may 22nd and the world is still here. and then they pick another date and work toward that. >> that was embarrassing. he was in times square wasn't he? >> yes, he was. >> right next to the naked cowboy. >> how can you stand in time square and you look silly yes, sir than the naked cowboy? that's hard to pull off. >> bill, you pray every night that the next day will be the end of days because your life is worthless and devoid of meaning. are you hoping the myans are on to something you complete waste of space some. >> you just said you hope the myans were on to something. mean filler. >> i was told to stretch. >> just so i am clear, hundreds and hundreds of years ago, the myans seemed to know
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something we didn't, and was able to pinpoint our demise on 2012 by the date. yet they didn't realize that a couple months later the spanish would come and conquer their ass? they weren't aware of that? >> the myans were known as long range. >> not so good with the present spanish galions and headed for their pyramids. >> can't worry about that when the world is going to end. >> let's warn the white people. >> other than that they are c blockers. how many people on december 20th will use the end of the world to get laid with people they otherwise couldn't? and now they are warning them and telling them they are wrong? thanks, nasa. you are helping out the bars on december 20th. >> nasa could use this. they could say i am a scientist and i am telling you -- here is my nasa badge. the world is ending tomorrow. >> is it easy to make fake
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nasa badges ? >> it is not easy at all. i don't think you can. >> especially the new ones. they have spouse a and spouse b. >> call back. all right, coming up, are banks totally bunk? charles payne on why he keeps his money in riverside park and pays squirrels to guard it. first, why is the city of swrur rick -- zurick? i don't know, but you had me at sex box. you are watching fnc so stick around.
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smie it is a drive in -- it is a drive in for sin. zurich is hoping to move sex off the streets and into sex boxes. it will start for prostitutes and their johns. a row of garage with walls for
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privacy and easy access for cars. >> they are in an industrial neighborhood and allowing the government to control the coldest profession. that should have said oldest. prostitutes will be required to take out medical insurance and buy a license, and they will have to put $5 into a road side machine when they clock inment inment -- clock in. let's check in with the zurich pup poe box. -- puppy box. i wasn't watching. sherrod, so they have to register, they have to pay $5 to the machine. >> sounds right. >> these are not the prostitutes we grew up with. >> no, these are like -- but it is still a prostitute is a
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prostitute. you don't look a gift prostitute in the mouth. now you have a little room for her, blah, blah, blah, bringing her around the family. >> wait, you bring prostitutes around your family? >> no, you are interruptiing him. >> you need a little sex box. they need them in manhattan so i don't have to see people having sex on the subway. >> it is like the female response to the [bleep] box. >> you just cracked yourself up. >> i said something naughty on tv. >> we know what to give you this christmas. >> all you need is a box. >> i'm sorry mom and dad macedo and your prior beliefs.
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>> jewelry. we are giving her jewelry. joy you are a serious -- >> john, are you the serious business person here. >> when i first heard it i was like, a box? wow you have to get busy standing up? what the heck? it didn't sound too good. it sounds even worse. >> they look like little cubbie holes. >> a little nook. i think it would be a lot of fun. >> they have a saying pimpin ain't easy, well it will get harder in zurich. >> bill, you washed out of prostitute basic training. what do you make of this? >> i think this is an idea whose time has come. i live near the u.n. that place is dirty with hookers. >> filthy. >> i blame the diplomats. i have three very i will legitimate daughters to worry
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about, and these hookers are out, obvious and my daughters can see them on their way to whatever school they claim they are going to. i want these prostitutes to be hidden in a box so luquifa, lawanda and david don't get any ideas. >> david is your daughter? >> david is my daughter jie. how do you clean the box? you don't want to go into a box somebody just came out of. >> it has sand in it. >> okay i can deal with sand. >> it is sexy sand. >> there are so many opportunities there. >> let them all go. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. and do you have video of your animal doing something? go to red eye? send us the video. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by jewels. the ornament that is often worn as an accessory. thanks, jewels.
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let's find out if we have gotten anything wrong so far. for that we go to michael moynihan. >> i don't know. not much substance. it was like a danielle steele novel.
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let's go to charles payne first. charles, a question, i don't know what your position is on gitmo, but you said it is like the hilton which i think might have been a slight overstatement. if you are pro gitmo wouldn't you want them to be sent to the horrible prison in the u.s. which is most certainly not like gitmo or like the hilton? >> have i to tell you -- i have to tell you, if you come from the rocky hills of afghanistan, gitmo is a hilton hotel. >> anything is a hilton. one of those carports in switzerland is definitely a hilton. >> now you are going way above. that's like inter continental. that's a four seasons. >> all right. i was trying to draw out what your position on this was, charles. >> keep them in gitmo. >> all right, because it is so nice there. sherrod, just a quick check on this. you said, you know, they frown upon terrorism. >> in the ms13?
12:31 am
>> yes, in the prison there. first of all it would be great if it was on the weekends on msnbc. >> yes, "lock up." >> that would be totally good. here is the thing. they have to keep them separate from the ms13 and the other -- the aryan nations. >> you have never been locked up. so naive. they can't keep anyone from anyone when they are locked up. >> it will be a separate wing for the guys with the beards. >> he will shank you. >> haven't you seen "oz" moynihan? >> was that a television program? i haven't seen that one. i have seen that one. >> "american me." >> that one too. >> remember with the rice bag and the knife? >> i am just saying yes at this poi tbh t. point. >> they coming out poppy? dye --
12:32 am
>> diane, that was a great obama impression. we just need to do maury search. you basically keep doing that for eight years. and then you say we have done the research. that was very clever of you. >> you could run for the president there. >> and andy did make a point that could be -- that should be pointed out. congress passed a law and democrats included, people, that makes it very difficult to transfer these folks back to the united states. >> i am going to give the president a little credit. >> also, you couldn't hold them, you couldn't detain them indefinitely on american soil. >> there are all sorts of weird roles. my favorite is it is a u.n thing. under international law they are not allowed to be objects of public curiosity so nobody is allowed to see them. so if you are like peeking over the fence like fat albert
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or something and you see them playing the stickball it is like the 1940s here. >> i am guessing not a lot of people are peeking over the fence at a maximum security prison. >> i don't know. i don't know. have you seen "oz"? >> is that a tv show? joy i don't know. -- >> i don't know. joy bill -- >> bill, you said it could be a problem for american towns. i don't know about this. >> i don't think it would be. >> you don't think it would be. >> no. >> you know why i thought that? i totally wasn't listening. then you were talking about smuggling things into cuba. >> it is mostly smuggling out. in cuba there is nothing. nobody has cell phones and they have all the cigars. >> the cigars you can get them in tampa. >> you can smuggle out. i was doing a direction correction there. and you were all talking about what macedo said in the green room.
12:34 am
she said to me, and i wrote it down. she didn't see me. i was writing it. she said this story was bunk because khalid sheik mohamed was set up and the israeli. >> did you ever come up for air? you were just talking nonstop in the green room. >> she was doing some drugs i think. >> i blacked out. i don't know what happened. >> oh god. you know what annoys me about this story? >> everything? >> everything. by the way, all of you, very god and very libertarian on this issue. i think maybe except for charles. this idea that we have to save the sank tau tee of marriage in a state that has gay marriage is so absurd. it is like the final troops in berlin. they are like, we are just going to keep playing here. >> be outraged when the law is passed. >> sherrod said we might have
12:35 am
inter species. >> i think you also said the blank and the blank. i support your -- i want to subscribe to your newsletter. it was a very clever suggestion. >> everybody is happy. >> everybody is happy. >> charles i didn't notice, but do you really bring your marriage license to get a driver's license? >> you can bring that. you have seven points and that is like three or four points. >> what is the points thing? >> points? >> when you bring identification -- >> maybe this is a different thing for white guys. maybe they just give the brothers a hard time. >> we don't need driver's licenses. >> i'm mike moynihan. >> mike, you are go -- going
12:36 am
to be in trouble. you are letting out so many secrets. >> all i know is i don't have a lot of points. >> last time i went to the dmv, i needed a new license and they gave me the new license and $10,000. >> i knew it. >> at least i know where my money is going. >> the viewers will have noticed this. there were a lot of bad jokes in that segment. i noted a few of them. i think andy said bride and doomed? >> i did. >> this is like phil silver's movie. >> that was a purposefully bad joke. >> the kids at home don't get it. >> is it true rine gauged? >> -- is it true you are
12:37 am
engaged? >> we are getting together this weekend. >> it is depressing. >> they are so upset diane is engaged. >> i am not married. >> it is the purpose of "red eye" groupies. >> bride and doomed. >> i am bringing that one back. we were talking about the myan calendar there. that was quite a story. first of all, this is a total lie. the guy is an astro biologist. he says that children are e-mailing him. so they are like, oh my god i am nervous. have i to e-mail an astro biologist. had you heard of that? >> yes, i call him a nerd. >> the e-mail the astro biologist program? >> for poor children? >> it is the mya calendar and not myan.
12:38 am
>> you know what is good? the maya firefighters calendar with the sexy firefighters. >> we are translating that from myan. >> who will guard the guardians? who will fact check the fact checkers? both sherrodrles said this wouldn't have happened when they were kids. sherrod said -- >> is it a black thing? >> are you guys black? i don't see color. i don't know what you are talking about. but you both said the same thing. you are going to have some free time because kids aren't doing it in the hood which is not a racial thing at all. >> we just had more to do as kids. >> more creative. and you have to be a rich ass kid. there is no depressed woody allen types in the hood? >> sure, erkle was depressed. >> jahlil white.
12:39 am
>> i think he was depressed after he got out of the hood and became famous. >> diane made a very good point about killing yourself. why do you do that if the world was going to end? i am going to offer a guess. i don't know. itit was a smart comment. you want to control. it there is a rock huer telling toward you. >> and you want to make it your decision. >> you want to put on the morissey record and light the candles. >> i think if the world is going to end you will see some really cool stuff. if i am going out, i want it to be because a meteor is heading toward my head. >> you will see me with a face full of ice cream and [bleep]. >> just move on. just move on as if that never happened. >> oh my gosh. that was like getting punched in the stomach. >> let's move on.
12:40 am
that was too risque so let's move to the dirty prostitutes. it is amazing that obama even ruined switzerland. they are forced to buy insurance. but i thought everybody had insurance there in switzerland. >> well, sherrod because i don't have much time left, zuba, zuba, doo? what does that mean? >> it is a language i am working on. >> england is getting boring to me. >> i don't have anytime left. i will just end on charles here. he said about the pimping. just for the record in switzerland it is -- i just
12:41 am
earned the money i don't get for doing this show. >> thank you. appreciate it. coming up, should ugly people be forced to serve the needs of hot people? diane macedo with more on why ugly people make the best butlers. but first, what has lyndsay lohan been arrested for this time? cops don't arrest people for nothing.
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she got booked for throwing a hook. lyndsay lohan was arrested for throwing punches in a new york city nightclub. i am starting to think she is trouble. the gals were seated next to each other and started exchanging work with the "liz and dick" actress saying something like give me my space. that's silly because nobody uses that website. she punched her adversary who went and called the cops. nobody loix a tattle tale. another lilo legal whoas, santa monica police confirm she will be charged in connection with a june crash
12:45 am
on a california highway in which her porche hit a dump truck. let's discuss in the -- >> lightning round. >> you don't even let me do it no more. you ruin it. >> lohan's attorney has said that the girl is accusing her, lohan, is trying to get her 15 minutes of fame. celebs like you and i we know that is possible. >> people get out of pocket and don't think because they see you on tv you won't smash them. i won't come down on lyndsay because i punched a lot of person's faces in nightclubs and i will continue to do so. believe it. >> charles, you follow lohan's career religiously. >> absolutely. >> any advice for her? >> she has one thing left and that is raping. she has credibility. a lot talk the talk, but they don't have her arrest record. she has got it. >> or she could be an nfl player. >> the way the face is mugged
12:46 am
up, she may not need a face mask anymore. >> wow. >> didn't seem like you hated to say it. >> she is getting weathered. >> why can't she stay out of trouble? she is a nice girl. >> she walks around decking people. i do agree. i think celebrities who are troubled like this, it is a self-fulfilling prophesy so people start to mess with them so they can be in it. the other was she was in a car crash. the movie she was working on gave her a car with a driver and she had to sign a contract saying she would not go anywhere except in the car with that driver. what is wrong with you? police say she was driving. >> it is a breech of contract. even if she was not driving she couldn't be in any other car. what is wrong with you? they gave uh car with a driver. just get in the car. >> we don't have the sex boxes yet. she needs to get in the car. >> normal people try to avoid driving at all costs. i don't understand why she has
12:47 am
a driver and she can't stop getting behind the wheel. >> you dated lohan when she was going through her lesbian phase. what do you make of this whole thing? can you update us on the story? >> i dated michael lohan. it is like i talk to you and you are not listening. the update is, she was fighting with the girl because they were both -- they both had their heart set on an irish boy band fnlt. >> a good looking dude. >> she found out where he was after the concert. she was in with him and then he shun her because shooy was too drunk. and then he started flirting with another girl and she decked the girl. an irish boy bander shun a girl because she was too drunk. >> what is the world coming to? >> wow. >> there is a lot wrong with this story and lyndsay isn't one of them. >> somebody at guinness died when he heard the story. >> stop calling lyndsay trouble. lyndsay lohan behaves like half of the women in her 20s
12:48 am
in new york. the only difference is she was in "freaky friday." >> every time i see lyndsay lohan i think holy crap dakota fanning is a sweetheart. she could act like this and she is far from it. the girl that is -- enough already. she will be dead in the next story. >> is she just acting like a lot of girls in their 20s, but she is famous? >> no. and if she is, we have a problem with girls in their 20s. i didn't act like that and neither did my friends. >> i just want to say. i don't have a problem with girls in their 20s. joy everybody goes out and gets too drunk now and then and acts like a jerk. but you don't do what show does. we are talking about a con sis assistant record. consistent record. >> you don't shoplift and drink and drive. >> rich girls do that for sport. they just get off on the adrenaline rush. they didn't has been to be in a "herbie" movie and the paparazzi are not following them when they are arrested at
12:49 am
k-mart. we freckly people stick together. >> her biggest problem is a lack of patience. all she had to do was wait for last call for alcohol and somebody would have pushed up. a drunk girl in this bar closing? >> that's why i look around. they are usually passed out. >> have to take a break. when we return -- oh performance from tonight's musical guest kim wild. that will be fun.
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last topic. an investigative arm of congress is calling for the u.s. to stop putting dollar bills and switching to dollar coins. they believe it could save us $4.4 million over 30 years because while coins are more expensive to produce they last longer. a typical coin lasts 30 yores and the average bill lasts 4.7. which if i remember my high school geometry is less. joy charles, what are the chances this actually happened? >> the chances are zero. 140* we do it? it is going to make things difficult. you cannot go to a strip club and make it rain with coins.
12:54 am
>> i don't even want to know where you will have to put the coin. >> if you put up there 100 dollars worth of coins somebody could get hurt. >> i am really into you. >> would it have to be cash cream get the coin, dollar, dollar coin. >> dollar bills still fit. $3? you have to go, $3? and you say one second is that a buffalo coin? how about canadian. >> we tried this before and all of these dollar coins and nobody wants them. >> there is actually a vault full of coins that nobody wants. they make them collectors and that's it. you can say that in the long run it helps because they don't wear as quickly, but coins are annoying. nobody wants them. joy it is for caves and wishing wells. >> you have to carry around this giant sack of coins. >> let's get to the important
12:55 am
point. you can't roll up a dollar coin. >> you can do coin bumps. i don't even know what that means. >> here is the problem with the dollar coin. it is not the coin itself. it is who they are putting on it. susan b anthony? yuck. i think jimmy carter was on one one time. if you want to make them interesting i'm sure moynihan should be on one. check it out. put somebody interesting and good on there. another founding father. maybe king george the third. >> maybe william dawes. jay she a real founding father. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up with michael moynihan.
12:56 am
12:57 am
12:58 am
12:59 am
coming up tomorrow on the next "red eye." return appearances from patti ann browne and gavin mcguinness. and mark lamont hill will be in for bill. time to go back to michael moynihan for the post game wrap up. >> sounds like a good show. >> quickly, bill is partially right. jimmy carter was on the malaysian coin. diane, are you there? >> hello. >> what are you doing on governor huckabee's show? >> it is december 22nd and 23rd, but they wanted me to sing a christmas song. >> excellent. >> stay tuned, everybody. >> that's amazing. charles, where can viewers see you later this very morning? >> on the fox business network with stewart barney. the british man who can say anything wrong because he has the accent.

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